• Sarah Tan
  • November 3, 2018

Do you have a list of members? How can I join WiML?

WiML doesn’t have “members” per se, any women working in machine learning can be part of the WiML network. We have a mailing list for anyone to post announcements of interest to the WiML network and an opt-in, necessarily incomplete directory of women working in machine learning.

What kind of events do you organize?

Our flagship event is the annual WiML Workshop, typically co-located with NIPS, a machine learning conference. We also organize small events (e.g. lunches and receptions) at other machine learning conferences, such as ICML, CoRL, COLT, etc.

Do you have local meetups?

No, but check out WiMLDS (websiteTwitter), another organization that supports women in machine learning by organizing local meetups.

How do I reach the WiML network?

Use our mailing list.

I am looking for an invited speaker / panelist / area chair / conference committee member / etc. Can WiML help me?

Please use our directory of women in machine learning or post this opportunity to our mailing list.

I want to circulate a job posting. Can WiML help me?

Please post this opportunity to our mailing list.

How did WiML start? What's the founding story?

Hanna Wallach, Jennifer Wortman Vaughan, Lisa Wainer, and Angela Yu shared a room at NIPS 2005. Late one night, they talked about how exciting it was that there were FOUR female students at NIPS that year. They tried to list all the women in machine learning they know of and got to 10, then started talking about creating a meeting or gathering for all these women and perhaps others that they didn’t know about. Jenn, Lisa, and Hanna put together a proposal for a session at the 2006 Grace Hopper Celebration of Women in Computing that would feature talks and posters by female researchers and students in machine learning. The 1st WiML workshop was co-located with the 2006 Grace Hopper Celeberation. In 2008, WiML Workshop moved to NIPS (renamed NeurIPS in 2018) and there has been a WiML Workshop at NeurIPS every year since. Check out this page for more WiML history!

How can I support WiML?

You can post interesting opportunities and job postings to our mailing list, sponsor us, volunteer at WiML Workshop, use our directory of women in machine learning to find invited speakers or panelists, retweet us, and many others!

I have a question that isn't answered here. How do I reach you?

  • Job posting, announcement, CFP, etc: Post directly to WiML mailing list
  • Sponsorship enquiries: sponsorship@wimlworkshop.org
  • Any other enquiries: info@wimlworkshop.org

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