• ajbc
  • March 31, 2016

Our flagship event is the annual WiML workshop, a technical workshop co-located with NIPS. We also organize smaller events such as lunches and dinners at machine learning conferences such as ICML, COLT, CoRL.

Besides the above two types of events which we organize, we have an Affiliated Events program to support and promote events ran by members of the machine learning community or nonprofits that are aligned with our mission of promoting women in machine learning. In general, WiML Affiliated Events have the following characteristics:

  1. Have a professional or technical focus. For example, the main WiML workshop consists of technical talks and posters as well as opportunities for mentoring and networking. At less formal WiML events, such as breakfasts and dinners, we strive to create an atmosphere in which participants feel comfortable and get a chance to practice having substantive technical conversations and sharing career-related mentoring.
  2. Are open and advertised to people of all genders; however, any formal presentations (posters, talks) are made by women.
  3. Are non-selective. In general, every effort should be made not to turn away participants due to lack of space, and events should not require invitations. For poster sessions, every effort should be made to accept every reasonable poster.
  4. Focus on creative, positive and productive interactions.
  5. Are run by members of the community or nonprofits, and are not for-profit. Companies who wish to organize a WiML-affiliated event should contact our sponsorship team at sponsorship@wimlworkshop.org for sponsorship packages that include WiML co-branded events. If you are already a WiML corporate sponsor please also use sponsorship@wimlworkshop.org to check if your sponsorship package includes WiML co-branded events.

Anyone wanting to organize a WiML Affiliated Event should:

  1. Check that your event fulfills all the requirements above
  2. Check out this example WiML Affiliated Event
  3. Contact our events team at events@wimlworkshop.org in advance of the event, and as early as possible. We will assist in making sure that your event is consistent with WiML’s mission and promote your event on our publicity channels.

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