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  • March 24, 2016

Our mission is to enhance the experience of women in machine learning, and thereby...

Increase the number of women in machine learning

Help women in machine learning succeed professionally

Increase the impact of women in machine learning in the community

Toward this goal, we create opportunities for women to engage in substantive technical and professional conversations in a  positive, supportive environment (e.g. flagship annual workshop, small events, mentoring program). We work to increase awareness and appreciation of the achievements of women in machine learning (e.g. award nominations, invited speaker recommendations).  Our programs help women build their technical confidence and their voice, and our publicity efforts help ensure that women in machine learning and their achievements are known in the community.

Our flagship event is the annual Women in Machine Learning (WiML) Workshop, typically co-located with NeurIPS. We also organize small events at other machine learning conferences such as ICML, CoRL, COLT, etc. Looking for local meetups? Check out WiMLDS (websiteTwitter), another organization that supports women in machine learning by organizing local meetups.

The WiML Board of Directors was established in 2009. The goals of the board are to:

  • Facilitate activities with a longer life-span than that of a single year, such as multi-year grants for funding
  • Ensure the continuity of the workshop across years and the management of the growing knowledge-base
  • Organize existing activities such as a mentorship network
  • Initiate additional activities that are related to the women-in-machine-learning peer group, but not necessarily related to the workshop

In 2016, WiML was profiled in the Fast.Co article: The Women Changing The Face of AI.

WiML is proud to support and promote all women in machine learning, regardless of nationality, ethnicity, race, religion, sexual orientation, or politics. Read statements from the WiML Board of Directors on inclusivity here and here.

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