• wiml
  • May 29, 2016

The workshop takes place on Wednesday, December 9th, in Gather.Town. The Joint Affinity Groups Poster Session on Monday, December 7th, takes place in a separate Gather.Town space. The Joint Black in AI speed networking sessions on Friday, December 11th, take place on the Glimpse platform.

Please check the program book for links to the Gather.Town spaces and Glimpse sessions. NeurIPS registration and signing of WiML Code of Conduct in this form required to access.

When you first access Gather.Town, you will be asked to create an account. Make sure you use the same email you registered for NeurIPS (https://neurips.cc). You must also have signed the WiML Code of Conduct in this form. Otherwise, please fill out the form immediately and test the Gather.Town link again in 5 minutes. See Gather.Town guidelines to troubleshoot common access issues.

When you first access Glimpse, please enter your real name. You can join anytime during a session.

Gather.Town cannot be used with Safari, only Chrome and Firefox. For the full experience, we recommend you access Gather.Town on a computer, not mobile. Please close Zoom while you are accessing Gather.Town. If you face any issues, check these common video/audio issues or Gather.Town FAQ.

The WiML Code of Conduct is in place in the Gather.Town space and all other components of the WiML Workshop.

  • If you are in Gather.Town and need to report a violation to the Code of Conduct, locate a WiML Diversity & Inclusion (D&I) Chair in Gather.Town or send them a private text chat (audio is not private). You can also walk to a Help Desk where there are volunteers who can direct you to them.
  • If you are outside of Gather.Town, email wiml.code.of.conduct@gmail.com.

Consistent with NeurIPS’s press policy, WiML’s press policy is that accredited press can attend the workshop, but need to be identified (i.e., tagged via their displayed username with “[Press]”) and can report on background only, unless with explicit consent of the presenter. We reserve the right to deny entry at our discretion. In the case of mentorship roundtable sessions, due to the possibly sensitive nature of the discussions, press is not allowed.

Please note that the participation form does not constitute registration for the WiML Workshop. To attend the workshop, you need to register for NeurIPS at https://neurips.cc before the registration deadline of Dec 7, and fill out the participation form to sign the WiML Code of Conduct.

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