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Directory of Women in Machine Learning

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We maintain a directory of women working in machine learning. Are you a woman working in machine learning? Add yourself to the directory. Looking for an invited speaker, area chair, conference committee member, etc? Browse the directory below.

The repository will be back in a few days. The Google form will become active at this time.

This is a (necessarily incomplete) directory of women working in machine learning. If you are a woman working in machine learning, please fill in this form to add yourself to the directory. The directory is opt-in: anyone added using the form will be contacted by email and must confirm before they are actually added to the directory. Please note that the directory is maintained completely by hand and is updated once a month, hence there will be some delay before you appear in the directory. Already in the directory but want to update your info? Use the same form.

If you are organizing an event related to machine learning, please use the directory to look for invited speakers, area chairs, conference committee members, etc.

The directory is also maintained here.

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